Thursday, July 16, 2009

Signs of Life (In Search of Souls In Search Of Something

I'll skip the normal excuses I spout for not posting more and the empty promises to do better in the future. I've been and will continue to be on tour.

If you know me (hell, even if you've just accidentally googled me once) you know the music of Our Lady Peace means a lot to me. I can't explain why but to me there is Our Lady Peace and then there is all other music. It's the one topic that I can't argue or debate rationally. It just is.

Cleveland, OH - August '03

The emotion and energy in their music s hard to capture with a tiny camera, but enjoy the clips and images I took from some recent shows. Their new album "Burn Burn" is available Tuesday, July 21st in stores and on iTunes. Song previews, tour dates, and merch can be had over at




I'll be attending and dragging friends to shows in Toronto and New York next week, then in Cleveland and (money willing) DC and Philadelphia in August.

Feel free to come along. Go ahead man, don't be shy. You need to know your friends.

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The BEEZE said...

Your videos are great...Saw them at the Cleveland HOB...Amazing show...OLP is my favorite band...Their music just has a way of connecting with people.