Monday, November 30, 2009

Your Pain Is My Gain (Why I'm Thankful For the Pittsburgh Steelers)

I admit it. My football team is horrid from top to bottom. There is little joy in Brownstown these days so why am I smiling? It takes a special person to find pleasure in someone else's failure.

I am that person.

I've grown tired of talking heads carrying on about how the Pittsburgh Steelers have the best fans in football. They blather on about how they travel well, are knowledgeable, and support their team unconditionally.

And to that, kind sirs, I say horseshit.

The Steelers are 6-5, in second place in the AFC North, still in the playoff picture, and as much as it pains me to write, the defending Super Bowl champions. But it hasn't stopped some of their fans from going in to full meltdown mode. Here are some of the thread topics on a well-populated Steelers message board that warm my cold, cold, 1-10 heart.

- Hines Ward calling out Ben Roethlisberger (??)
- TOmlin dislikes Ben????
- Bruce Arians is a joke.
- O-line let down AGAIN
- The ref handed the Ravens the win
- This has now moved into the realm of a "crushing loss"
- Who still believes this defense is great?
- The Day It All Ended
- The paper curtain
- IKE was horrible tonight. Gay is always horrible.
- LeBeau can go
- Would Favre have played last night?
- defense is an embarrassment

And my personal favorite:
- I see the death spiral coming...

They didn't have their team taken from them. They aren't 0-12 vs their hated rivals since 2003. They aren't on their fourth (hopefully soon to be fifth) head coach in 10 seasons. They aren't near the bottom in every statistical category on both sides of the ball this year. They aren't 1-10.

So to every Pittsburgh Steelers fan throwing a fit i say:

WAH. Keep up the good work. Your tears fuel me. But keep in mind... could be worse... could be a Browns fan.


Sorgatron said...

Preach on!!! I hate when we lose. It's true. We lose, the entire city is in a bad mood for the whole week. I blame the alternative stations going sports with Madden and Benz. They bemoan and beat the dead horse with their d*cks all week and talk to idiot fans that spout lines just like that.

Shit happens. Then there's next season...

Hutch Jr. said...

What can I say, but my Ohio team (Hiram College) went 0 fer 11 if you count the scrimmage and my son plays on the team.

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